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To be held at: Taghum Hall - 5414 Taghum Hall Rd.

Date: Thursday June 21, 2018

BID AGM Time: 6:30 PM


  1. Accept the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  2. To receive and discuss the Trustee's Report on the condition of the Improvement District.
  3. To receive the Trustees Financial Report for 2017.
  4. To fix the remuneration of the Trustees.
  5. To fix hold one Election to fill one Trusteeship, now open, for a term of three years.
  6. To choose an auditor for the ensuing year.
  7. To discuss the annual tax and toll rates within the District.
  8. To discuss any new business.
  9. Meeting adjournement.

Any new business to included in this agenda must be submitted by letter and received by the Trustees before June 14, 2018,

Note: Drilled wells cannot be plumbed into the same lines as the Improvement District water. If you drill a well and wish to hook it up to your domestic water, your B.I.D. connection needs to be terminated.

Remember that all water users should have a pressure reducer on their water system and all water users who live uphill from their water connections should have a pressure reducer and a check valve on their system to prevent purging of hot water tanks in the event of a loss of pressure in the line.

Your attendance at this meeting is respctfully requested.

Trustees of the Bonnington Impprovement District:

Frank Schwab 250 359-7783 Rick Lane 250 359-6949 Thomas Brach 250 359-7602


  1. Water will be permitted only on even/odd days according to household fire numbers. (Even numbers on even days, odd numbers on odd days.)
  2. Watering limit is 1 hour per 24-hour period.
  3. No more than 3 sprinklers or 2 taps on at the same time and no supply orifice can be larger than 1/2" (13mm) in diameter.
  4. No watering is allowed between 9:00 and 6:00 PM
  5. Hand watering will be permitted at anytime.


Posted March 8, 2018 Bonnington Improvement District is accepting proposals for 148 installations of ¾ inch electronic water service meters. » View and download RFP here

If you have any issues viewing or downloading the document please contact us.


Landscape workshopLANDSCAPE + CONSERVATION DESIGN Free Information Sessions + workshops for residents of Taghum, Beasley + Bonnington.

Includes: 3 Information Sessions to get expert advice, followed by 2 landscape design workshops to create a unique plan for your property or redesign your landscape to conserve water and address other concerns.  

» Download brochure (PDF)        


BY-LAW No. 6, also known as the WATER DISTRIBUTION REGULATIONS BY-LAW, was passed on May 26, 1983.

» Read it here


CORRECTION - The NOTICE OF TOLL - 2017, first paragraph incorrectly states, "..(Bylaw 62) for the ensuing year (from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017)."

It should read, "..(Bylaw 62) for the ensuing year (from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018)"

BID apologizes for any confusion.

About Us

The Bonnington Improvement District (BID) is a local authority responsible for providing water and fire hydrants for the benefit of the residents of Bonnington, British Columbia. Improvement districts are brought into existence by the B.C. Government through Cabinet Orders which authorize the passage of a document known as a Letters Patent. The Letters Patent contain the name of the improvement district, its boundary and the services which it will provide to the residents within that boundary. For specific boundary information residents must consult the BID Letters Patent document which is available for viewing upon request.

Every improvement district is governed by a board of elected trustees (elected by area property owners). Bonnington currently has three trustees. The powers exercised by the trustees (to enact and enforce its regulations and charges, to assess and collect taxes, to acquire, hold and dispose of lands, to borrow money and to expropriate lands) flow from the improvement district’s bylaws, the Local Government Act and other provincial government legislation. There are more than 200 improvement districts operating in the Province of British Columbia.

Contact Us

Bonnington Improvement District
3652 Mountain View Road
Bonnington, BC
V0G 2G3

Thomas Brach 250-359-7602
Frank Schwab 250-359-7783
Rick Lane 250-359-6949

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2017 AGM

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